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I have the following class:

public class Test {
    public static int a = 0;
    public int b = 1;

Is it possible to use reflection to get a list of the static fields only? I'm aware I can get an array of all the fields with Test.class.getDeclaredFields(). But it seems there's no way to determine if a Field instance represents a static field or not.

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I am a java newer,I want to know why Java did not put these feature all in Field class like C#,What is the benefit from this design? Thanks. – Allen Apr 22 '15 at 10:59
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You can do it like this:

Field[] declaredFields = String.class.getDeclaredFields();
List<Field> staticFields = new ArrayList<Field>();
for (Field field : declaredFields) {
    if (java.lang.reflect.Modifier.isStatic(field.getModifiers())) {
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If you can add open-source dependencies to your project you can also use FieldUtils.readDeclaredStaticField(Test.class,"a")

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