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I'm having a Linux Webhosting account with cpanel & whm..

i also see something ssh on cpanel.. i have heard about tunneling to make proxy.

my friend is having VPS server and is able to make tunneling using ssh via 443port.

i need to know if there is some possibility to make proxy browsing using my webhosting account..

i googled it and of not much help to me.. if possible also pl do link me with the the tutorial to make so...

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Do you have to set up a proxy using an SSH tunnel? What is the proxy for? If you're just looking to set up a HTTP proxy server, you don't need to tunnel through SSH. Instead, you can use something like PHProxy or Glype, which would be easier to set up with a WHM/CP host. – sholsapp Aug 8 '10 at 0:57

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