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I want to make a query that will give the result on order by using two columns. I made query like this.

from encounterlab el
    labs lb
    PatientAcctNo=4 ORDER BY el.DataOfService,lb.LabName DESC

It gives the results.But My aim is IF in the DataOfService contain the same date I want to make the Order depending upon the LabName and this should be ASC

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you can optionally specify the order for each single field in the order by statement

ORDER BY field1 DESC, field2 ASC
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Thanks zolex.Working Fine.One More doubt like this we can Order n number of columns right? –  svk Aug 6 '10 at 9:34
yes you can do that with as many cols as you want –  Andreas Linden Aug 6 '10 at 9:56

If I understand you correctly, your current query orders in the opposite direction that you want (for both columns!). Ordering ascending (ASC) is implicit, and you always have a direction per column you're ordering by. So your example:

ORDER BY el.DataOfService,lb.LabName DESC

Is the same as:

ORDER BY el.DataOfService ASC, lb.LabName DESC

So what you want is this:

ORDER BY el.DataOfService DESC, lb.LabName
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