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I am using the following method to browse for a file:

    PictureNameTextEdit.Text = OpenFileDialog.FileName

Is there a way get ONLY the file name?

The FileName method returns the entire path and file name.

i.e. I want Foo.txt instead of C:\SomeDirectory\Foo.txt

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Use Path.GetFileName(fullPath) to get just the filename part, like this:

PictureNameTextEdit.Text = System.IO.Path.GetFileName(OpenFileDialog.FileName)
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PictureNameTextEdit.Text = System.IO.Path.GetFileName(OpenFileDialog.FileName)
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Why downvoting? This is correct sample code for OP's question. I included this information as part of Jon Skeet's answer. – Neolisk Oct 20 '12 at 23:29
//Following code return file name only 

string[] FileFullPath;
string FileName;
objOpenFileDialog.Title = "Select Center Logo";

FileFullPath = objOpenFileDialog.FileNames[0].ToString().Split('\\');
FileName = FileFullPath[FileFullPath.Length - 1]; //return only File Name

//Use following code if u want save other folder , 
// following code save file to CenterLogo  folder which inside bin folder//

System.IO.File.Copy(OFD.FileName, Application.StartupPath + 
"/CenterLogo/" + FileName, true);
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Suppose that I did select word2010 file named as "MyFileName.docx"

This is for ONLY the selected file extension "including the dot mark, f.e (.docx)"


And this for the selected File name without extension: (MyFileName)


and you can try the other options for the "PATH Class" like: GetFullPath,GetDirectoryName ...and so on.

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Use SafeFileName instead of FileName and it will return a name (and extension) without path.

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Use this code to put the filename in PictureNameTextEdit:

PictureNameTextEdit.Text = OpenFileDialog.SafeFileName
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