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Please give suggestions for best Asp.Net survey application with source code - commercial is fine..

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Here people can help you develop one. Its a programmes place, not marketing. – Kangkan Aug 6 '10 at 10:02
Well said. I'm looking to develop an ASP.net survey, but all I keep finding is links to survey projects that cost money. – jlg Jan 4 '12 at 21:15
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The Survey Project is one of the most mature survey applications written in ASP.NET / C#. It's open source and has full source code available.

See here: http://www.surveyproject.info/

There are also some other survey applications and "engines" available with source code, although they don't seem to be as "mature" as the aforementioned "Survey Project".


For a commercial (read: costs money) solution, you can try:

which is a full-featured "enterprise" survey application, and has the option to purchase the source code (C# / ASP.NET).

which is another "professional" survey application, with the option to purchase the source code (C# / ASP.NET).

another commercial survey application with the option to purchase the source code.

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