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I have a UITableView which is a subview of a UIView, then that UIView is a subview of a UIScrollView. How do I detect the touches that should scroll the UITableView?

The UITableView can get item selection events (a cell in the table is selected/tapped) just fine, except that you have to hold down on the cell before it fires. But I can't get the UITableView to scroll, its always the UIScrollView that reacts to the pan gesture.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

EDIT: Solved, though I asked the wrong question. It does work by default as Roman K pointed out. I think the problem was related to having a part of the UITableView outside the bounds of the UIScrollView (the UITableView went over the bottom bounds of the UIScrollView). Setting it to correctly fit inside the UIScrollView fixed it.

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Please, make sure that UIScrollView's properties delaysContentTouches and canCancelContentTouches are set appropriately. They control how UIScrollView instance passes touch information to its subviews. By default delaysContentTouches is set to YES. Also, make sure that, if you extended UIScrollView, touchesShouldBegin:withEvent:inContentView: allow touches in the subview.

Otherwise, UITableView scrolling should work by default in your scenario. If you create a test project with just the view hierarchy as described you will see that it is the case. So, compare the two and see what difference affects the scrolling.

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I believe I set delaysContentTouches (set to YES) and canCancelContentTouches (set to NO) just fine. I am able to get taps in the UITableView just fine, but not swipes and pans. –  Altealice Aug 7 '10 at 8:18
Thank you. It's been a pain for so long. –  thedp Oct 25 '13 at 14:31
I think this logic got broken in iOS8. Looks like UIScrollView will intercept vertical scroll gestures and not ignore them. I posted a new question about it - stackoverflow.com/questions/25558630/… –  sha Aug 28 '14 at 22:15
@sha +1 We have having the same exact issue! –  Pyraego.com Sep 10 '14 at 13:04

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