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Ho do I convert HSB color to HSL?

Photoshop shows HSB color in its color picker. HSL color can be used in CSS.

I tried this JS:

function hsb2hsl(h, s, b) {
  return {
    h: h,
    s: s,
    l: b-s/2

But hsb2hsl(0, 100, 50).l == 0 instead of 25

Update: Can I do that without converting HSB → RGB → HSL?

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I'm afraid my Javascript knowledge is lacking, but you should be able to infer the conversion from http://ariya.blogspot.com/2008/07/converting-between-hsl-and-hsv.html

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First of all, your order of operations will result in:

b - s / 2 =
50 - 100 / 2 =
50 - 50 = 0

because the division operator has higher precedence than subtraction. If you're expecting 25, you need to do (b - s) / 2 instead.

I'm not exactly sure that this result is what you want, however. Since the definitions of both B (V) and L are based on the RGB colorspace, you need at least a way to recover the values of M and m to calculate the conversion.

See the Wikipedia article for more information.

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Stephen Morley seems to have nailed it here.


/* Calculates and stores the HSL components of this HSVColour so that they can
 * be returned be the getHSL function.
function calculateHSL(){
  // determine the lightness in the range [0,100]
  var l = (2 - hsv.s / 100) * hsv.v / 2;

  // store the HSL components
  hsl =
      'h' : hsv.h,
      's' : hsv.s * hsv.v / (l < 50 ? l * 2 : 200 - l * 2),
      'l' : l

  // correct a division-by-zero error
  if (isNaN(hsl.s)) hsl.s = 0;

He uses [0-360] for hue and [0-100] for the other values.

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