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Where can I execute and find out the value of $(ProjectDir)?

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A bit more detail would help. In what context are you asking? Visual Studio? MSBuild? Something else? Where do you need the value and why do you need to find out what it is? – Oded Aug 6 '10 at 12:05

To find out what it is right now (rather than at build time, where it may be different depending on what is going on):

  • right click on your project in the Solution Explorer, select Properties
  • select the Build Events tab
  • click the Edit pre-build or Edit post-build button, either is fine
  • in the window that pops up, click the Macros button
  • scroll down the list till you find ProjectDir, in the next pane is its actual value
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For "click the Edit pre-build", I had to edit the Command Line to get the "Macros" button. Using VS 2010. – user79878 Oct 25 '11 at 21:34

The answer from slugster did not work for me (most possible my fault).

In Visual Studio 2008

  1. right click on your project in the Solution Explorer, select Properties
  2. Go to Configuration Properties and then to Debugging
  3. Click on the arrow in the Command Field and click the Edit Button
  4. In Edit clik "Macros>>" You will see there the values of ProjectDir... etc..
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Do a pre/post build step.


echo $(ProjectDir)
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For me it was the path to the directory containing *.vcxproj file.


The directory of the project (defined as drive + path); includes the trailing backslash '\'.

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