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I've got a very basic WebView which works until I try to add a custom webViewClient where it stops processing JavaScript. Am I doing something wrong? Is there another way to get rid of the address bar and menu options in the WebView?

    browser = (WebView) findViewById(;

    WebSettings webSettings = browser.getSettings();

    // uncommenting this line will remove address bar, but also stop JavaScript from loading
    //browser.setWebViewClient(new InternalWebViewClient());

    // even uncommenting this line will stop JavaScript from loading
    //browser.setWebViewClient(new WebViewClient());

    browser.setWebChromeClient(new InternalWebChromeClient());
    if (savedInstanceState != null) {
    } else {
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For some reason the webkit runs JS differently than the browser - I ended up getting around the issue by forcing some JS to run with the following line after the page had loaded:

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In my app I use the following and there is no address bar, and JavaScript works (modified to match your naming):

browser = (WebView) findViewById(;


I don't do anything with setWebViewClient or setWebChromeClient and it works as described.

I think the problem with your code is that you enable JavaScript on the default (Internal)WebViewClient and/or WebChromeClient then you replace those with new ones that now have new properties.

If you move the setJavaScriptEnabled(true) call to come after those new assignments (and before the loadUrl I think your code would work.

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