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I'm trying to run a jetty server from a main. It always starts from; I have changed jetty.xml and added set host to when i run a command on the downloaded jetty files, it starts correctly at But eclipse keeps on starting at It is running jetty 6.1, not the 8.0 version I have downloaded. I've changed JETTY_HOME to point to the correct files. It does not work. :( Need Help

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Jetty 8 is in "experimental state" (see Versions) and I would recommend you do not use that version if you have a choice. I would go with version 6 as there was a change in version 7 with name spaces which may result in the behaviour you see.

Question is where that version 6.1 is coming from that you are seeing. Investigate and report back.

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I was using GWT, the gwt_dev has jetty 6.1 in it. It was using that. – user410911 Aug 12 '10 at 7:00

Try using run-jetty-run eclipse plugin. I have written a blog post about how to use it with DCEVM for hotdeploy. It really improves development time:

Spring-mvc + Velocity + DCEVM

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