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I am using prototype 1.6.1 to insert and remove a div as a first child of another div. So I have parent div 'A'

and I do


then later


This works fine, but if I create the same div a second time and then try to remove it again I get an error that $('B').parentNode is null. But if I look at $('A').innerHTML it does show the child div 'B' inserted. I am seeing this only on firefox (on IE8 works fine).

Any hints of why this behavior?

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Are you inserting more than one "div B" into the document at any one time? If so, that could be the problem - you can't have more than one element in the DOM with a particular "id" value. (Well, you can, but things won't work very well.) – Pointy Aug 6 '10 at 13:57

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If Pointy's guess (multiple elements with the same ID in the document) wasn't correct, please post the example testcase (e.g. to or similar).

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