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Does anyone know of a good code static code analyser for

I've seen plenty for c#, and I think VS 2008 some one built in. But we're currently only using vs 2005...

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FxCop does just that.

Specific for VB.NET is Project Analyzer.

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Depending on what you are looking for Fortify is another application that analyzes code really well, but it isn't a VB specific, works for all of .net

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You can use the tool NDepend which analysis all .NET code (C#, VB.NET, F#...). For VB.NET code you'll miss 2 metrics on source code comment and source code cyclomatic complexity (but you still have CC computed from IL code).

See all feature of NDepend here
- Code Query and Rule over LINQ (CQLinq)
- Compare Builds
- 82 code metrics
- Manage Complexity and Dependencies
- Detect Dependency Cycles
- Harness Test Coverage Data
- Enforce Immutability and Purity
- Warnings about the health of your Build Process
- Generate custom report from your Build Process
- Diagrams
- Facilities to cope with real-world environment

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