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I will like to add Rhino Service Bus to my ASP.NET web application but using Ninject as the DI Container. So far all examples I keep seeing use Castle Windsor which I don't want to use since we already use Ninject.

Are there any tutorials out there which show how to add Rhino Service Bus to an ASP.NET web application without a direct dependency on Castle Windsor (e.g. using Ninject)?

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Basically, you'd have to start by rewriting RhinoServiceBusFacility / AbstractRhinoServiceBusFacility as a Ninject module. Then there are also Castle references in other files, e.g. DefaultServiceBus has references to IKernel which should be changed to use Ninject's kernel instead.

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Nowadays, Rhino Service Bus (RSB) does not directly depend on Castle. Modules are available for integration with Autofac,, Unity, StructureMap and of course Castle.

Ninject isn't supported yet; you can use the Castle implementation as a reference implementation.

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