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I'm trying to animate a block level element using jQuery. The page loads with the element styled with display: none. Id like it to slideDown whilst transparent and then fadeIn the content using the callback, however slideDown appears to set the visibility to full before fadeIn is called, resulting in the content being visible during the slideDown animation.

Does anyone know of a way to accomplish this?

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Could you explain whats the point of sliding down while transparent? The animation would not be seen, so why animate – Eran Galperin Dec 5 '08 at 0:58
I'm guessing he wants the vertical space to be taken before the element is shown – orip Dec 5 '08 at 1:04
That's right - the space is made then the content appears – Brendan Dec 5 '08 at 15:35
Did you try the solutions below? – orip Dec 6 '08 at 8:59
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a few probable issues with your code: are you setting the content to hide as well in the beginning? are you calling fadeIn during the slideDown callback?

here's some example HTML/code that will fadeIn after the slideDown

$('div').hide(); // make sure you hide both container/content

$('#container').slideDown('slow', function() {
    $('#content').fadeIn('slow');    // fade in of content happens after slidedown


<div id="container">
    <div id="content">stuff</div>
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Using jQuery's .hide() rather than setting 'visibility' in CSS was the key. Thanks! – Brendan Jan 11 '09 at 15:36

How about:

$('#hiddenElement').css("opacity", 0).slideDown().animate({opacity:1})
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I wonder why the downmod. As far as I can tell this works fine. – orip Dec 5 '08 at 16:04

Your description sounds like a variation of this problem, which I had to deal with the other day.

It only happens in IE, and only if you are rendering in quirks mode. So the easy solution, is to switch to standards mode. You can find a table of doctypes here that makes IE render in standards mode.

But if you are in the same situation as me where thats not an options, then you can apply a patch to you jQuery library, which you can find here.

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I needed to add a li to a ul and wanted it to slideDown first, then fadeIn.

The below worked for me. I had to first .hide() the content, then set opacity to 0, then append the content, then slideDown(), then animate the opacity back to 1.

In the below code, "content" is the li, #ListItems is the ul

$(content).hide().css("opacity", 0).appendTo("#ListItems").slideDown(500, function () { $(this).animate({ "opacity": 1 }, { queue: false, duration: 500 }); });
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