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I got the Hello, Android program to work after reading the tutorials from Google's developer website, but it takes SO long for the AVD to load up! Plus, in the console section in the bottom part of Eclipse, two of the lines were written in red, which I'm guessing is bad. It takes around a minute for the AVD to start running the actual program. This is what the console printout looks like:

[2010-08-06 12:32:38 - HelloAndroid] ------------------------------
[2010-08-06 12:32:38 - HelloAndroid] Android Launch!
[2010-08-06 12:32:38 - HelloAndroid] adb is running normally.
[2010-08-06 12:32:38 - HelloAndroid] Performing com.example.helloandroid.HelloAndroid activity launch
[2010-08-06 12:32:38 - HelloAndroid] Automatic Target Mode: Preferred AVD 'my_avd' is not available. Launching new emulator.
[2010-08-06 12:32:38 - HelloAndroid] Launching a new emulator with Virtual Device 'my_avd'
[2010-08-06 12:32:54 - HelloAndroid] New emulator found: emulator-5554
[2010-08-06 12:32:54 - HelloAndroid] Waiting for HOME ('android.process.acore') to be launched...
[2010-08-06 12:34:05 - HelloAndroid] WARNING: Application does not specify an API level requirement!
[2010-08-06 12:34:05 - HelloAndroid] Device API version is 8 (Android 2.2)
[2010-08-06 12:34:05 - HelloAndroid] HOME is up on device 'emulator-5554'
[2010-08-06 12:34:05 - HelloAndroid] Uploading HelloAndroid.apk onto device 'emulator-5554'
[2010-08-06 12:34:05 - HelloAndroid] Installing HelloAndroid.apk...
[2010-08-06 12:35:07 - HelloAndroid] Success!
[2010-08-06 12:35:07 - HelloAndroid] Starting activity com.example.helloandroid.HelloAndroid on device 
[2010-08-06 12:35:11 - HelloAndroid] ActivityManager: Starting: Intent { act=android.intent.action.MAIN cat=[android.intent.category.LAUNCHER] cmp=com.example.helloandroid/.HelloAndroid }

Now that I looked at the times, I started to run the program at 12:32, and it finally had my program on the screen at 12:35, so thats 3 minutes. Is this a normal amount of time I have to wait? If it isn't, any suggestions on how to make it faster? Thanks in advances for anyone who makes this easier for me to understand!

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When you created the emulator, did you create an virtual SD card with it? – A.Donahue Aug 6 '10 at 16:58
I honestly don't know. I just followed the tutorial on, did everything exactly as it said on the Hello Android tutorial, and realized the emulator never started. If the SD card gets created by default, then I guess I did create it, but I didn't see any options about creating a virtual SD card. – Pat Aug 6 '10 at 17:15
I don't think it's RAM. I've got MacBook Pro 2.53GHz with 4GB RAM and it still takes android emulator 2~3 minutes to launch an app. – Nimesh Nov 10 '10 at 4:29
Also, when creating an AVD, check the box that says Snapshot->Enabled. It will speed up future launches. – fiacobelli Nov 1 '12 at 15:28
It's pretty normal, mine takes 10 minutes, and I love it, I can have a nice time with my family and it's still not ready yet – Mr. Derpinthoughton Oct 23 '15 at 13:22
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Well the AVD is a totally different architecture from say a Windows PC. Windows usually runs on 32bit or 64bit. On Intel or AMD processors. The Instructions for the processor are written in x86. The way binary and machine code works/runs is different to each arcitechture. The android package that you have uploaded onto the device has to be compiled on the AVD architechture. The Emulator has to emaulate ARM architechture so the instruction sent to the CPU is different. This takes time to compile this code. Hope this answers it. Any questions?

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So it's normal for the emulator to take that long? The laptop I have now is a 2 year old Compaq Presario C700, and it only has 1 GB of RAM. Do you think getting a new laptop with 2/4 GB would help? I'm going to get a new one anyway within the next few months, and knowing if having 4 GB instead of 2 will make a difference would definitely help out. – Pat Aug 6 '10 at 17:24
Well if your application is going to need more than the RAM you have it's best upgrading the RAM. A good thing would be to find a better laptop with a faster processor. What Kind of Application are you trying to develop? – verexa Aug 6 '10 at 17:50
I'm not trying to develop any specific application; I just want to know how to make basic Android apps because I'm going to get a new Android-OS phone really soon (after having the same phone for the last 5 years). I brought up the question about RAM because Eclipse was getting really slow, so when I opened up task manager I found out it was using 180-ish MB. And under the performance tab, it said that out of the 1013 MB of total physical memory, I had 0 free. – Pat Aug 6 '10 at 18:01
Well that sounds like you need a RAM upgrade. That would be a reason for it taking a while to load. And anyway it is normal for AVD to take its time to load applications. – verexa Aug 6 '10 at 18:04
Hello Pat, have you upgrade the RAM and get the Speed ? I have 4GB RAM but the same problem for me. – dilipkaklotar Oct 1 '12 at 12:37

Running Ubuntu 10.10 64bit here. I'm on a AMD phenom 2.5Ghz w/ 8GB memory. for 2.2 bootup time takes 40 seconds, but the OS responds a little sluggish. For 1.5 the bootup only took about 30 seconds and response is snappy.

Also, after you've booted your AVD, hopefully you're all keeping it open and running between run sessions in Eclipse! You shouldn't be closing it and rebooting the AVD everytime you re-run your app. Just keep the AVD open and Eclipse will reload your app. (take a look at the console output to see when your app has finished reloading)

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