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I have the following code (where store is a gtk.ListStore and titer is a gtk.TreeIter. The docs say that if there is no next row, iter_next() will return None, hence the break when that is found. It is supposed to search through the ListStore of (int, str) and remove the one item whose int component matches item_id.

    while True:
        if store.get_path(titer)[0] == item_id:
            titer = store.iter_next(titer)
            if titer is None:

However, if an element in the middle has previously been deleted, instead of titer.iter_next() pointing to the next valid element, it points to None. This means that if the element with the right int value is after the previously deleted item, it never gets found. Is there a correct way to search through a gtk.ListStore to remove items?

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The only mistake I notice is store.get_path(titer)[0], which will just get the row number of the list model. It should be store.get_value(titer, 0).

By the way, your code can be expressed in a simpler style using the (PyGTK-only) TreeModelRow:

for row in store:
    if row[0] == item_id:
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superb! thanks! – jldupont Jan 13 '11 at 16:19

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