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I am writing an installer (launcher) in Java and require the ability to be able to create a shortcut on the users desktop during the process.

I am interested in any ideas as the best way to do this. My one option I have considered is using a VB Script on windows and using the native 'shortcut.exe' to do it for me, however a third party file utility would be preferred.

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why not just calling shortcut.exe without using VBS? –  Federico Culloca Aug 6 '10 at 17:48

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   * Create an Internet shortcut
   * @param name     name of the shortcut
   * @param where    location of the shortcut
   * @param target   URL 
   * @param icon     URL (ex. http://www.server.com/favicon.ico)
   * @throws IOException
  public static void createInternetShortcut
      (String name, String where, String target, String icon) 
    throws IOException
    FileWriter fw = new FileWriter(where);
    fw.write("URL=" + target + "\n");
    if (!icon.equals(""))  {
      fw.write("IconFile=" + icon + "\n");  

Complete example here : Create an Internet Shortcut (Windows)

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See this similar question. and this.

After a quick google search I found this java library: http://alumnus.caltech.edu/~jimmc/jshortcut/

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