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I have class where a bool is access concurrently. However in my case it is only initialized to false once in the constructor, and after that it set to false. Am i correct to believe that even though a race might occur the result will be valid and defined? Since the entire bool doesn't have to be written to inorder for "!isStopping_" to evaluate to true.

class MyClass
   MyClass() : isStopping_(false), thread_([=]{Run();}) {}

   void Stop()
      isStopping_ = true;


   void Run()
       while(!isStopping_) // data race
            // Work

   bool isStopping_ ;
   boost::thread thread_;
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As long as the cache doesn't prevent not-reading-new-values then it should be fine. Only one bit needs to be set (even if the write itself is not atomic across all words) -- and it's only ever set one way while in a "shared" state. Better mark it volatile (for the cache/access issues). –  user166390 Aug 6 '10 at 17:56
Yeah, questions about volatile v. MT asked here pretty much every day. Recent one: stackoverflow.com/questions/3372703/volatile-and-multithreading –  Dummy00001 Aug 6 '10 at 23:31

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I'm not quite sure of the question, but you should probably look into the "volatile" keyword. IIRC, it insures the value is updated whenever accessed.



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