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I have controller method in my MVC application that I am calling using the jQuery $.post.... The call is executing correctly, processing and sending a valid result back to the view for rendering. If I alert the result everything is received on the client as expected but the data is not rendered to the view.

The controller method is as below

public ActionResult SearchWithCriteria(string search)
    var companyList = new Companies().SearchCompanies(search);
    return  PartialView ("Partials\\SearchResults", new SearchViewModel() { SearchResults = companyList });

and the jQuery is as below

$("#submit").bind("click", function () {
                var searchCriteria = $("#SearchCriteria").val();
                if (searchCriteria.length > 0) {
                    $.post('/Search/SearchWithCriteria', { search: searchCriteria }, function (data) {

The partial is strongly typed and if I put breakpoints on the code I can step through it, but as I say nothing is rendered by the view.

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...really be...

$("#companyDetailsSearch").html(data); // use '#' for id's, '.' for classes

edit: Somehow I managed to write that in the most obfuscated way ever. Basically, 'companyDetailsSearch' isn't a valid selector. If that's the ID of an element, use the '#' symbol first...

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Thanks for that, it's working now. Had to be something simple! –  bristows Aug 6 '10 at 18:32

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