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So i have this dropdown made in html/css/js.. it slides down on mouseover, but right now it slides down wrong, i mean it moves my text down which i dont want it to do.. i want it to like float over it so the text is behind the menu that comes down

  • At left its how it is, and on right side its when mouse over. and as you can see the "example me" text i dont want it to move down like that, i want the menu to like float on top so when you move away your mouse again you can see "example me"

    Here's my css for the menu:

    .menu_class {
        border:1px solid #1c1c1c;
    .the_menu {
        border: 1px solid #1c1c1c;
    .the_menu li {
        background-color: #283d44;
    .the_menu li a {
    .the_menu li a:hover {
        color: #fffc30;
    <img src="images/button.png" width="126" height="23" class="menu_class">
    <ul class="the_menu">
    <li><a href="#">Profil</a></li>
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    To have it positioned on top of other elements, you need to use


    If you have trouble positioning it, give position:relative to whatever element contains .the_menu

    Also be aware that z-index works well with absolutely positioned elements, if you run into the problem of having it show up behind something else.

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    Use position: absolute; on the dropdown.

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