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Because our recent development work, I was put into a position where I have to monitoring a few of our application's output logs, specifically I am looking for a certain error code(s). Because my limited scripting skill right now the only thing I can do is to tail -f the log file and just keep looking for update. I also use PuTTY. I am hoping someone can make a few suggestions on how I can accomplish either one of the following, if possible:

  1. Modify bash.rc so when certain keyword(s) displayed in terminal they will be highlighted
  2. Utilize PuTTY's audio/visual bell so whenever a keyword is displayed alert will go off
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coloring your output could be done by just adding a sed regexp to your tail -f, i.e.

tail -f somefile.log | sed 's/keyword/highligtedkeyword/g'

just add some escape sequences for color..the bell part i'm not really sure about..

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