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I am building a website I would like to use the same shopping cart that this company uses. I have been told that they use a "popular" software and that they must pay a license for its use. Could you look at the feel of it and tell me which one they are using? The website is https://www.gtldna.com/cgi-bin/cart/cp-app.cgi?rrc=N&pg=cart. I would really like to use this one because their code works well (for example you can hit the back/forward button to navigate in it).

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From Ctrl-U:

META NAME="GENERATOR" CONTENT="ClickCartPro Version 5.1 http://www.clickcartpro.com/"

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I AM TOTALLY FLABERGASTED THANK YOU SO MUCH –  Alexandre H. Tremblay Aug 6 '10 at 20:02

The source code tells you everything:

ClickCartPro Version 5.1 http://www.clickcartpro.com/

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