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Sometimes !important is useful, for example if I have defined common style for all links on the site (selector, say, a), but when I want to override some rules I have the following choices:

  • Use more specific (longer) selector
  • Use !important

Which way is better and may be there are some guidelines?

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Use !important very, VERY sparingly -- it overrides just about everything, even inline styles, and messes in a less-than-obvious way with the "cascade" of style rules that gives CSS its name. It's easy to use badly, and tends to multiply, particularly when misused. You can easily end up with a element with !important rules that you want to override, and without refactoring your styles, often the only way to override is with another !important rule.

And once it's spread and you're using it everywhere, you're back up in the same situation you'd be in without it (difficulty in specifying elements specifically enough to override other styles), but you also don't have !important anymore cause everything else is using it too.

(Edit: I originally said !important overrides user style sheets. That's not exactly the case. Everything specified in the page overrides user normal rules, but in a conforming browser, user !important rules take precedence over everything specified in the page, even its !important rules. So accessibility is a bit less of an issue than i claimed.)

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Avoid it when you can as this is what most advocate but at the same time it is important.

Have a look at:

The importance of !important in CSS

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What i can say is that you should try to avoid it as much as you can because it means that there are redundant code, and give an indication that the CSS and styles are not well structured.

But in some cases its a must to use it and no way to avoid.

So just do your best.

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