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I have a table of width 800 and one inner table within that of width 100%. The tr td looks like this

<tr><td align="right" valign= "top"><c:out value="HOUSE:  " /></td><td nowrap  align="left" valign= "top"> <c:out value='${houseBean.houseLabel}'/></td></tr>

Now when houseLabel goes beyond 5 values, the table grows beyond its width of 800. I tried using word-wrap to wrap around the values, but not working. Can anyone suggest a way of using wrap in JSTL/JSP. One more thing is the houseLabel values are in an arraylist.

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Remove the nowrap attribute. It would force the table cell not to wrap its contents.

This problem is not specifically related to JSP/JSTL. The generated HTML is what counts here.

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Thanks this worked, I was trying to use word wrap. – mona Aug 6 '10 at 21:15

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