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I'm trying to access/login to Facebook with a program (OverbyteIcsHttpTst.exe) compiled with Delphi using the component ThttpCli (ICS-SSL, which is the latest version that supports https).

The idea is that I want to to access Facebook just like an ordinary browser does.

For example, I tried to login by using "post" to send some data to Facebook with the following code:


CooKies : datr=1281135108-ea5c44949be49439183341b84db24aeb6c589ca1d31dc0c0da28d; expires=Sun, 05-Aug-2012 22:51:48 GMT; path=/;;lsd=0ygNR; path=/;;; path=/;;; path=/;

But I'm still stuck on the main page. Is anything missing?


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You may post it at the ICS forum which is very reactive. –  philnext Mar 27 '11 at 18:13

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see if this helps you at all

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