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I am currently building a Linux-based embedded device, but since i am building it using pre-compiled binary packages i am wondering what is required in this case to comply with the GPL. Would including a copy of the GPL licence text and a pointer to the relevent distribution suffice?

I am deciding whether the company view that end users should not mess around with product internals can be squared with the Linux GPL, or whether i should bite the bullet and switch to FreeBSD.

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For redistributing pre-compiled binaries, you're allowed to refer requests for source to the upstream supplier on if your redistribution is non-commercial. If you're redistributing commercially then you must offer the source to all applicable binaries.

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Bye bye Linux then. Think the all-in cost of compliance would likley be higher than porting all the business logic to FreeBSD. –  Remy Aug 7 '10 at 15:40
All you have to do to comply is either ship a CD containing the source code (either in with the product, or on request), or you have to copy the source packages that your binary supplier supplies onto your own website and supply a link to that. (And include the GPL / offer in your documentation). I wouldn't have thought either amount would cost a huge amount; you'd be presumably archiving the source packages anyway just in case they vanish from your upstream site right when you need to do a critical bug fix... –  JosephH Aug 7 '10 at 19:30

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