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I have URLs in the following format:


I want to match until and including the first forward slash not immediately followed by a forward slash. In the first URL that would match be http://abc.com/, in the second URL, it would be http://xyz.com. Can you give me the regex for it? Thank you.

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What language?? –  NullUserException Aug 7 '10 at 2:10
Doesn't matter. I am just looking for the regex. –  soulonfire Aug 7 '10 at 3:45

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match everything up to the first backslash, then match that backslash (if it exists), a second immediately following backslash (if it exists) and then everything up to the third backslash.

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In your favourite language, do a few splits on the string. eg python

>>> url="STATIC_PATH=http://abc.com/0123/3456"
>>> url.split("=")
['STATIC_PATH', 'http://abc.com/0123/3456']
>>> url.split("=")[1]
>>> url.split("=")[1].split("/")
['http:', '', 'abc.com', '0123', '3456']
>>> url.split("=")[1].split("/")[0:3]
['http:', '', 'abc.com']
>>> '/'.join( url.split("=")[1].split("/")[0:3] )
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I did figure this out. I am doing negative lookback and negative lookahead. ^.?((?| [^M]$)

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