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I am new to JIRA.

Can somebody explain to me the meaning of the different schemes in JIRA; like issue security scheme, notification scheme and so on?

Helpful online resources are also highly appreciated.

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I really appreciate the detailed explanations available at "The Grey Blog":

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A notification scheme maps email notifications to various events. For example: "When a defect is assigned, send an email to the assignee."

A Field Configuration Scheme maps Field Configurations to issue types.

A Screen Scheme allows you to choose which Screen will be shown to a JIRA user when they perform a particular issue operation.

An Issue Type Screen Scheme associates a Screen Scheme with issue types,

An Issue Security Scheme determines who can and cannot see issues.

A Field Layout Scheme allows you to configure which fields are visible and/or required fields for a given issue type on a per project basis.

For more details, check the Jira documentation.

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Most parts of JIRA configuration can be set up differently for different projects. Some things, like custom fields, can be also set up differently for any pair of (project, issue type).

The schemes are the means to configure these per-project/per-type configuration pieces, with probably reuse of one configuration among different projects.

For example, issue security feature allows you to set up options for Security Level field and limit issue visibility to certain users based on the value of that field. Issue Security Scheme contains definitions of those options and how they limit issue visibility.

So you first configure Issue Security Scheme (may be more than one) to define that piece of configuration, and then you can assign each project one of the available Issue Security Schemes (or neither one), thus applying those pieces of config to the issues in that projects.

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Jira enables flexibility to customize issue types, fields, workflows, screens, permissions, security and notifications through schemes. You can create, assign and reuse these schemes to your projects based on your needs. These schemes are assigned to project's related schemes like plug and play.

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