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If I type nant -help I receive help information about the various command-line options.

Some, such as find have a suffix of [+|-], e.g.

-find[+|-]                     Search parent directories for build file

What does the [+|-] mean?

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In command line options syntax, sometimes [...] is used to denote optional items, and | is used to denote alternate. So it looks like there are 3 different variations here:


The documentation should clarify what each of these variation means.

See also

  • Forum post

    ... -find+ looks for nant.build traversing back up the folder structure

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According to the source code, find is a boolean type, and adding + or - simply sets it to true or false accordingly. I suppose the - is useful to override a previous setting, don't know why you'd want to have an explicit + though.

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