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I have a remote form with hand-made buttons using tags. I'm using data-remote=true in the form tag, but I don't know how to use the link tag to post the form data in a form submit. When I use data-remote with data-method, it creates a remote call with empty parameters, so I don't call the submit() function to my form.

My form is:

<form accept-charset="UTF-8" action="/tasks" data-remote="true" method="post">

and my link tag under the form tags are:

it creates a remote call with empty POST parameters:

<a class='minibutton' data-remote='create' href='/tasks/create' data-method='post'>

it doesn't send any POST information, only the header:

<a class='minibutton' data-remote='create' href='/tasks/create'>

How can I call elegant the submit() method of the form? I guess I don't need to create javascript hacks to make it work. Do I?

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I guess there're 2 ways you can solve it:

1. I see you're using a class called 'minibutton' on your link, which suggests you want it to look like a button anyway. So instead of the link (or <input type="submit"> tag), use the button tag inside your form:

<button type="submit" value="Submit">

and style it to your liking using CSS. You can even use icons on them. Check out this blog post for details and a ready to use chunk of CSS code.

2. If you still want to use the link, you can set "id" attributes on the link and on the form, and add a click event observer to submit the form. Assuming you're using Prototype, put something like this into the head part of the page:

<%= javascript_tag do %>
        function(el, value) {
            onSuccess: function(response) {eval(response)}
<% end %>

This is assuming your response content type is text/javascript. If it's not, you'd have to use the onSuccess and/or onComplete callbacks to replace a piece of your page with the response contents.

See documentation on Form.request and Event.observe for details on observing and submitting a form.

This question may also be helpful.

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Thanks your reply, currently I'm observing the onclick signal and make a submit() when the click event occurs. Your first solution sounds good and better because I don't need the handle that case when a search robot tries to check the link. My problem with buttons was the customization in IE and Safari, but as I look it works well. thx! – Nucc Oct 2 '10 at 13:53

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