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I have a scaffolded controller with a populate method. I wanted to customize this method, so I did an ITD 'push in' and re-implemented it. Everything compiled and Roo updated the aspect, but when accessing the controller with the browser, I get a "Requested resource not found".

I'm using SpringSource tc Server Developer Edition v2.0. No exceptions are logged in the console.

Environment: Mac - Snow Leopard Java 1.6 sts-2.3.3.M2 roo-1.1.0.M2

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Could you post the controller and its ITD before and after the push-in please? – Andrew Swan Oct 12 '11 at 3:25

I solved the problem by pushing in the complete aspect into the controller class. I had the impression that this wasn't necessary, but for now I don't really mind that.

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