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Is there any way to make a UIView resign its first responder status when the user taps outside of the view bounds?

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-(void)touchesBegan:(NSSet *)touches withEvent:(UIEvent *)event{
    [yourtextfield resignFirstResponder];
    //You can have multiple textfields in here
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Could you please explain your answer at least roughly? –  Robin Ellerkmann Jan 9 at 14:40
when user touch on screen this delegate method will call as this is viewcontroller class which is subclass of UIViewController class.So on the call of this method we are calling the UITextField delegate method "resignFirstResponder" . –  Sandeep Jangir Jan 10 at 12:05

Found better answer when doing research...


there is sample code on how to navigate the views to find the first-responder which could be used as the basis of you solution

You could place a transparent view first, then your view as a sub view. Then any touch events in the transparent view could be used to resign first responder.

This might be an approach if there are multiple views, outside the boundary of the primary view to be managed

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Capture the touch in the other view or views. When handling that touch, call a selector that has your view resign its responder status.

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