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After I edit an entity and save it, how do I reload the datasource to refresh the entities? I have a listbox with entities, and after I edit the entities the datasource is still showing the old information. the MyEntityDataSource.Load() method is not working.

The problem arises because I am not navigating to a separate page to do the editing. I am reusing the flipping window from the SLBA template. So when I flip back to the front, i'm basically still using the old object that are still in memory, not creating new objects that will fetch the data again. So I need to renew the old data.

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You need to make sure that the ItemsSource property of the ListBox is bound to a collection of objects that implement the INotifyPropertyChanged interface . Ideally the collection itself will implement the INotifyCollectionChanged interface (such as the ObservableCollection generic class).

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