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I am trying to mimic buttons (Apps, Games, Downloads) as seen in Android Market application

alt text

Checking the configuration of TabWidget, I think it's not possible to create this simple design with it. I decided to use simple buttons and try to create custom design following answer to similar question. But still I cannot clone the design (gradient, divider, bottom line etc).

Are there any provided details how Google Android applications are built?

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Most of the applications are opensource with the exception of the market, so your in tough luck there. –  Alxandr Aug 7 '10 at 17:17
Duplicate question? stackoverflow.com/questions/3255698/android-market-like-tabbar –  hpique Aug 7 '10 at 18:29
Yes, duplicate! –  FrEaKmAn Aug 7 '10 at 22:15

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It is possible to customize the tabs in a TabHost by using the setIndicator(View v) method. You can recreate the gradient by defining it in xml and placing it in the drawable folder. Look here for some examples of defining drawables this way.

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The API samples are usually your best bet with learning introductory Android concepts. But as mentioned by Alxandr, Android Market is closed source.

However, I can tell you by looking at it that these are just three buttons, probably in a horizontal LinearLayout. Each one has an onClick listener that starts a new Activity. I can tell this because of the way they behave, and how when I click on one I am transitioned to a new screen.

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