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I'm looking for extremely simple forum software.

Something that simply allows a user to create an account, make a post, and for users to comment on that post.

No HTML, no user profiles, no private message, no bloat. Just software for simple postings. Almost borderline blog software that allows user created accounts.

I've looked at the following software and they have way more features, functionality and bloat than I want:

  • bbPress (close, but even more simple ... and from the lastest dev post, apparrently bbPress is being dropped for a WordPress plugin)
  • Vanilla
  • SMF
  • PunBB / FluxBB
  • phpBB

Does anyone know of any good simple forum software?


I just found an example forum that is great in being simple. It's Street Easy's forum. I'd love to know what underlining software they are using. This is nearly exactly what I want. The only thing I'd remove is that it has "Categories/Tags". I don't need that. If the Category/Tag could be removed, functionality - this is exactly what I want.


Still no answers :(

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In my view, that would be something in the spirit of StackOverflow. I don't mean the questions, I mean using OpenID (so you can pass off user management to the OpenID provider and not bother with forgotten passwords) and Markdown (not something ugly like bbcode). +1 from me. – MvanGeest Aug 7 '10 at 18:48
I'd use modified version on PunBB or FluxBB (if you want a faster system). – Alexander Aug 7 '10 at 18:57
@TheLifelessOne, is there a supported project that is a stripped down version of PunBB/FluxBB? – TeddyH Aug 7 '10 at 19:03
@TeddyH: Although it's software-related, it's not programming-related. I admit that the line can be vague, but this is clearly on the "usage related", hence "not programming related" side of it. (If you ever do find the answer, please post back here! I fav'd this question because I'd like such a piece of software too.) – Thomas Aug 9 '10 at 19:03
Since this topic is closed and I can't add an answer, I shall post a comment instead. The No-nonsense forum software (camendesign.co.uk/code/nononsense_forum) might do what you want. It is designed to remove communication barriers. – starbeamrainbowlabs Dec 8 '12 at 10:47