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I am trying to create dynamic predicate so that it can be used against a list for filtering

 public class Feature
   public string Color{get;set;}
   public string Weight{get;set;}

I want to be able to create a dynamic predicate so that a List can be filtered. I get few conditions as string values ">","<",">=" etc. Is there a way by which I can do this?

public Predicate<Feature> GetFilter(X property,T value, string condition) //no clue what X will be
              case ">=":
               return new Predicate<Feature>(property >= value)//or something similar

and the usage could be:

 var filterConditions=GetFilter(x=>x.Weight,100,">=");

How should the GetFilter be defined? and how to create the predicate inside that?

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public Predicate<Feature> GetFilter<T>(
    Expression<Func<Feature, T>> property,
    T value,
    string condition)
    switch (condition)
    case ">=":

        throw new NotSupportedException();

Any questions? :-)

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Thanks a ton!!! It worked! – venkod Aug 7 '10 at 19:38

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