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I have a problem with LINQ to Entities. When I try to save data I obtain an error: Error error during the updating of items. for further information see InnerException.

The stack is:

An unexpected exception type was thrown  
Expected: System.ArgumentException  
 but was: TAP2009.AuctionSite.Interfaces.UnavailableDbException : [Login]      DBEntities.SaveChanges():   in   System.Data.Mapping.Update.Internal.UpdateTranslator.Update(IEntityStateManager    stateManager, IEntityAdapter adapter)  
   in System.Data.EntityClient.EntityAdapter.Update(IEntityStateManager entityCache)    
   in System.Data.Objects.ObjectContext.SaveChanges(Boolean acceptChangesDuringSave)  
   in System.Data.Objects.ObjectContext.SaveChanges()

the code is:

Session s = new Session()
    id = 1, 
    username = username, 
    site = Name, 
    creation_date = new DateTime()

System.Diagnostics.Debug.Print("count: " +   q2.Count().ToString());  
DBEntities.Refresh(RefreshMode.StoreWins, s);

return s;

the designer.cs is:

public static Session CreateSession(int id, string username, 
    string site, global::System.DateTime creation_date)    
    Session session = new Session(); = id;  
    session.username = username; = site;  
    session.creation_date = creation_date;  

    return session;  

Where I wrong?
Thanks Fabio

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Is Session an entity related to a table in your database? Are you using some custom database provider (TAP2009?), because the UnavailableDbException is nothing that's coming from Entity Framework. – Steven Aug 7 '10 at 19:03
Hi Steven thanks for your answer. Yes, session in an entity and the database in not custom. The UnavailableDbException is a my exception. – Fabio Aug 7 '10 at 19:21

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