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I was looking at the Apple docs for UIScrollView and saw that the constants for UIScrollView Indicator bars are "default", "black", and "white". I was thinking about using a scrollView without showing the indicator bar on the side of view. I have a very specific case and the bar is making it look awkward and actually seems to be distracting because of it.

If I have a black background and use a black bar I think this would hide it well. Is there a way to turn it off or move it off screen?

Has anyone done this without Apple rejecting it? Or is this a violation of the HIG in some way?



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You can hide scrolling indicators if you want - see showsHorizontalScrollIndicator and showsVerticalScrollIndicator properties in UIScrollView. You can set them in IB as well.

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That is great! Thank you! I thought IB would have a property for that. I guess I should have looked there too. I checked the Apple docs, The H.I.G., and StackOverFlow before asking. The answer was in something I use all the time. That figures. Thanks again! –  I00I Aug 7 '10 at 19:06
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UIScrollView has a couple of properties to disable the scroll indicators. Those are:



Set them to NO, either in code or IB, to disable the indicators.

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