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I'm new to Eclipse, and have the following question:

I would like to use Eclipse to program java and javascript. I went to eclipse.org and downloaded "Eclipse for Java Developers", though there was also an option to download "Eclipse for JavaScript developers".

So the question is: How do I extend my "Eclipse for Java Developers" to include the JavaScript capabilities included in "Eclipse for JavaScript developers" ?

Is that even possible ?

Thank you !

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Install Eclipse's WTP (Web Tools Platform) using the update site featured on the following page: http://download.eclipse.org/webtools/updates/.

To do this, you should:
1) Open up the software updates dialog (Help -> Install New Software...);
2) Click the 'Add' button;
3) Enter a suitable name (WTP), and the aforementioned URL;
4) Select whichever releases of WTP you would like to install;
5) Press 'Next' and follow the rest of the instructons.

(Note: The WTP update site may already be in the list of available sites in the Available Software dialog, so you should probably check before installing from scratch.)

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NOTE: for the most recent updates, for Helios, use download.eclipse.org/webtools/repository/helios – Marc Nov 20 '12 at 1:11

welp's answer is the best approach.

You can overlay an Eclipse download over another Eclipse download. I do this to get the Java EE Eclipse and the source code for Eclipse.

You answer "No for all" when your unzip program asks you if you want to overlay files.

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You can also start from Enide and install using update site, install button or p2f file.

Any plugin that depends on JSDT (e.g. Nodeclipse, JSDT-EXTJS, JSDT-jQuery, AngularJS-Eclipse) will be installed together with JSDT.

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I know that this question is old but there are some news regarding the JavaScript (or let's say the direct web development in general) development in eclipse:


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