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Using the TFS build server without VS 2008 Team System Tester Edition installed - is it possible to run a series of webtests as part of a build?

I know that Webtests can only be recorded using the Tester Edition of VS. Here's a post about this from Jeff, back when he was at Vertigo.

I'm just trying to run the tests, though. Does that require the Tester Edition of VS to be installed, as well?

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You don't have to have the tester's edition; the Developer Edition works, as long as you can code and run those tests locally.

I believe with the standard MSDN license, if you have Developer Edition, you can run a single build server with a copy of it. There might be some extra limitations, such as who can run builds on the server; you should review your license agreement to see if there are any issues.

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