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looking tutorials for integrating OpenId feature in .net

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I have a feeling that this Google Code Project will be a great place to start. I just started looking at it myself a while back, I haven't had much time to dig in, but it looks promising for those not wanting to spend much time implementing.

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It's quite OK yes, I use it in stacked :) – Thomas Hansen Dec 5 '08 at 9:09

If you just want OpenID functionality in .NET you should check out the open source package dotnetopenid.

As for tutorials, there are plenty if you don't mind reading tutorials that targets no specific implementation language. You should check out the official OpenID site for tutorials, as well as the Wikipedia article on OpenId.

Good luck!

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Just answered this somewhere else:

Found a couple via Google: This one is already mentioned. There are a few controls out there, too, for example this

You could also look at the new service called RPX which is OpenId as SaaS.

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This document explains working of OpenID and shows the whole process with screenshots.

Document describes how to implement Google login into your web application and Third-party web sites and let you aware how OpenID authentication works.

Here is the step-by-step process to implement OpenID on your ASP.NET application using DotNetOpenOAuth libraray.

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