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how can i parse element like this example


$xmlstr = <<<XML
<?xml version='1.0' standalone='yes'?>
  <title>PHP: Behind the Parser</title>
    <name>Ms. Coder</name>
    <actor>Onlivia Actora</actor>
    <actor:view id='44' />
    <name>Mr. Coder</name>
    <actor>El Act&#211;r</actor>
    <actor:view id='49' />
   So, this language. It's like, a programming language. Or is it a
   scripting language? All is revealed in this thrilling horror spoof
   of a documentary.
   <line>PHP solves all my web problems</line>
  <rating type="thumbs">7</rating>
  <rating type="stars">5</rating>

 $simpleXml = new SimpleXMLElement($xmlstr);

 var_dump((array) $simpleXml);

namespace error : Namespace prefix actor on view is not defined in /home/sweb/www/tmp/sxml.php on line 35

in /home/sweb/www/tmp/sxml.php on line 35

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XML parsers rely on the fact documents have to be strictly valid, and yours is not well-formed. It needs a namespace URI for actor. The root element should be along the lines of this:

<movies xmlns:actor="http://yoururl.com/">

As long as you don't have it, no compliant XML parser will accept your document.

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