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I have this for navigation, and when I switch to page 2, it will lose the &type= Let's say I select "checked", the first page it shows fine, as it het the whole string, but when I switch pages it loses... here's the code:

    // navigation
if($_GET['start'] && is_numeric($_GET['start']))
else $start=0;
$navigation[]='<span class="navi navi_current"> -'.$info['curpage'].'- </span>'."\n";
        array_push($navigation,'<span class="navi"> <a href="./?q='.$_GET['q'].'&start='.$inc.'"&type='.$_GET['type'].'>'.$incp.'</a> </span> '."\n");
        array_unshift($navigation,'<span class="navi"> <a href="./?q='.$_GET['q'].'&start='.$dec.'">'.$decp.'</a> </span> '."\n");
    if($tcnt>=10) break;
// end navigation

I've tried adding &type='.$_GET['type']. to the array_unshift, but it doesn't work.. any help will be appreciated! thanks.

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"I have code of mine, please debug it for me" is not a question everyone dream of – Your Common Sense Aug 8 '10 at 15:00
I'm learning php, i'm not asking to you to fix it, I wanna know what's wrong.. thanks – raFF Aug 8 '10 at 15:01
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It's outside of the quote:


It should be


(Notice the placement of the doublequote...

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wow, thank you so much, I'd never notice that! :D – raFF Aug 8 '10 at 15:07

In you code, you have done an error with the HTML-syntax:

<a href="./?q='.$_GET['q'].'&start='.$inc.'"&type='.$_GET['type'].'>

As you can see, the " is a little bit to early, in front of &type= when it should have been after. What you really want to do is

<a href="./?q='.$_GET['q'].'&start='.$inc.'&type='.$_GET['type'].'">
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thank you sir, I appreciate your help. :D – raFF Aug 8 '10 at 15:08

If might be easier if you build the URL in advance:

$href = './?q='.urlencode($_GET['q']).'&start='.$inc.'"&type='.urlencode($_GET['type']);
array_push($navigation,'<span class="navi"> <a href="'.htmlspecialchars($href).'">'.$incp.'</a> </span> '."\n");

That makes it easier to apply proper encodings for the two contexts (urlencode for URL query and htmlspecialchars HTML attribute value). Or doing this using http_build_query:

$args = array('q'=>$_GET['q'], 'start'=>$inc, 'type'=>$_GET['type']);
$href = './?'.http_build_query($args, '', '&amp;');
array_push($navigation,'<span class="navi"> <a href="'.$href.'">'.$incp.'</a> </span> '."\n");
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