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I notice there is an sbaz tool that seems to have similar functionality to the ruby gem tool but I don't see any community site like gemcutter.org / rubygems.org. Is there something like this around.

There are 1084 repositories on github with scala in them. I'm surprised I can't find some centralized package management utility. Perhaps I'm just googling the wrong keywords.

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The closest equivalent is probably http://scala-tools.org which maintains a Maven (ivy, sbt, etc) repository of most of the best-known packages.

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There's also Scala Bazaars, which is installed as part of the Scala distribution, but isn't used anywhere near as much as Maven/Ivy/sbt via scala-tools.org. – Erik Engbrecht Aug 8 '10 at 18:51
Sounds like a project ready to be started. I really like the self publishing aspect of ruby gems. Start a new project, push it to rubygems.org then the whole world can use it. – bradgonesurfing Aug 9 '10 at 6:16

As Kris said, http://scala-tools.org is the closest thing so far. We're working on improving the site, and will be enabling "static project sites" shortly. There's also http://implicit.ly/ which aims to be the standard new source for published releases.

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Scala Tools appears to no longer be functional as of this writing. It says:

We are no longer providing any support for scala-tools.org.

Instead, it is suggested to use https://oss.sonatype.org/

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