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I want to achieve going to the parent element then to the prev element get the atrribute id of the element which has class: classname.


<span><span id="190" class="classname">blabla</span></span>

<span><a href="#" class="button">blabla</a></span>


Pseudo code:


Do I have to use a find here or is there another way?

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For your example:

$(this).parent().prev().children( '.classname' ).attr( 'id' );
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By the way, the id "190" is invalid, id and name attributes must begin with a letter, not a digit.

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I would use find as you have suggested.

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Thank you find it is then – Ice Dec 5 '08 at 11:50

Find seems like the shortest way to get there....

alert($(this).parents("div").find(".classname").attr( 'id' ));


alert($(this).parents("div").find("span span").attr( 'id' ));
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as Ivanfosson has stated, you can use his advice only if you know the finite number of steps or layers down DOM the element you are searching, but if the <div> you placed is relative to some other divs and you can also use find and then do

$(this).parent().prev().children( '.classname' ).attr( 'id' );
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Maybe you could use the context feature, like so:

    console.log( $('.classname', $(this).parent() ).attr('id') );
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