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i want to deploy my django project, what is best (on performance) of these 2 deployment methodologies:

  1. Django-On-Twisted

  2. apache mod_wsgi

i knew that mod_wsgi was recommended by django developers but i feel twisted is more efficient when running multiple django instance.

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The web serving mechanism is nearly never the bottleneck, why are you presuming it is and trying to prematurely optimize things? –  Graham Dumpleton Aug 9 '10 at 1:20
but i feel twisted is more efficient when running multiple django instance: Care to elaborate on "feel", "more", "efficient" and "multiple django instance"? Have you run any benchmarks to confirm your feelings? –  MattH Aug 9 '10 at 10:36

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As has been said, the server deployment setup won't be the bottleneck at this stage, however I still feel there's definitely value in picking and learning something now which you're more likely to continue using in future.

This recent benchmark generated a lot of discussion:


Read the comments as well as the numbers in order to get a feel for how benchmarks never show the full picture.

For a web server I personally would pick from Nginx and Cherokee. They're both extremely lightweight and scale better than Apache. Nginx is more popularly supported wheras Cherokee is better documented and has a glossy admin (which makes things easier to figure out initially but more difficult to script).

For a WSGI server I like uWSGI because it seems performant and I get the feeling it has much of the community behind it. uwsgi is well supported by both Cherokee and Nginx.

Hope that helps :> Let us know what you go for.

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yes, you help me alot. thank you very much. I read about uwsgi and instantly I fall in love with it. now i am installing it on my computer to see what it can do... the good news is that they said you can control it on your django project through a simple admin interface [uwsgi_admin]. so, it may be the right choice for me. –  MBarsi Aug 9 '10 at 18:39

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