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I'm not web developer and I'm struggling with ways how to input user preferences for given set.

I have discrete set of (up to 20) elements, ie I have list of 5 items: cat, dog, fish, chameleon, snake and what I want is to draw simple graph with n sliders each from 0..100%.

For example if user preferences (as home pet) cat: 95%, dog: 80%, fish: 65%, chameleon: 20% and snake: 0%, I want him to be able to draw this curve.

I also want sliders and titles (ie, cat, dog...) for X-coordinate to by automatically generated based on elements of the list (Y-coordinate should be %).

How much is that difficult? Can you give me some hints, please? :-)

(use jQuery or silverlight? - I'm beginner in both)

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Your question is not very clear. You want a histogram? – Aryabhatta Aug 8 '10 at 22:22
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First you have to create sliders. You can use jQueryUI Sliders. You can get all the values from each slider.

Once you have the values, you can use a plotting plugin like jqplot (

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Exactly right, thanks... – DinGODzilla Aug 24 '10 at 9:58

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