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How to excange location to childrens of same parent?
I solve using this pattern of code. Is there an easier way? For example something like this: $("#id1").exchange($("#id2"));

<!DOCTYPE html>
      button { display:block; margin:3px; color:red; width:200px; }
      <script src=""></script>
    <h1>Exchange places</h1>
     <li id="a">a</li>
     <li id="b">b</li>
     <li id="c">c</li>
     <li id="d">d</li>
    <button>exchange 1st,2nd</button>
    <button>exchange 1st,4th</button>
    <button>exchange 2nd,3rd</button>

        $("button:first").click(function () {
          var cp = $("li:eq(0)").clone();

        $("button:eq(1)").click(function () {
          var cp = $("li:eq(0)").clone();

        $("button:last").click(function () {
          var cp = $("li:eq(1)").clone();

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Take a look at SO question 698301. This answer doesn't require cloning or even jQuery; just native DOM manipulation.

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You should consider using .sortable() with Jquery UI. No useless buttons, way easier to manipulate.

Take a look

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Thank you for replying. In my project, li elements are div elements with a link "move up" "move down". For my situation I really do not need an extra 'plug-in' for do excanges since I don't need drag features. – Mattia Aug 8 '10 at 22:31

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