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I know I can use MoveWindow to move it but I only want to move the button on the x axis. Thanks.

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I figured it out. You can get the button's (screen) position using GetWindowRect, then you can use ScreenToClient to get it's location in the form. Example:

RECT buttonScreenRect;
GetWindowRect(hwnd, &buttonScreenRect);

POINT buttonClientPoint;
buttonClientPoint.x = buttonScreenRect.left;
buttonClientPoint.y = buttonScreenRect.top;

ScreenToClient(hwnd, &buttonClientPoint);

MoveWindow(hwnd, 50, buttonClientPoint.y, buttonScreenRect.right - buttonScreenRect.left, buttonScreenRect.bottom - buttonScreenRect.top);

Hope it helps!

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You should update your question to reflect what you actually wanted to ask. There is no way anyone could have figured out your real problem was "how do I translate from screen to client coordinates" from your initial question. –  jeffamaphone Aug 9 '10 at 0:09
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