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I wrote a socket client in java that 24/7 connected to a socket server and receive data from it.
the client is running for about 3 days in testing, everything looks fine, and than suddenly I saw this message in the eclipse console (No stack trace):

ServerCommunicatorAdmin reqIncoming The server has decided to close this client connection.

I restart the application and now its working again. I asked the server sysadmin, he says that everything looks fine the his logs.

my system uses mysql jdbc and log4j.

Any idea what can be the source?


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If you Google ServerCommunicatorAdmin you'll see that it's part of JMX

com.sun.jmx.remote.internal: ServerCommunicatorAdmin.java

and if you search for "reqIncoming The server has decided to close this client connection" you get lots of hits. There should be something in there to help you.

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